Restenosis (i.e., re-narrowing of the artery) is the name given to the process wherein the artery that has been treated by angioplasty gets narrowed once again. Restenosis is not 'failure' of angioplasty, since it is the normal process of healing of the body. Restenosis occurs within 6 months of the procedure. If no restenosis has occurred within 6 months, then it almost never occurs and the artery now behaves like a normal artery. Various studies have shown a restenosis rate of approximately 30% following balloon coronary angioplasty. Restenosis rates with stenting are lower (less than 15% according to most recent studies) and may be further reduced if coated stents are used. Less than half the patients who have experienced restenosis will require a repeat angioplasty or maybe bypass surgery. The repeat procedure is usually easier and safer than the first.


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