Q. Why is it important to start the treatment of acute heart attack at the earliest ?

A. The greatest problem faced by every physician in our country in the treatment of heart attacks is that far too many patients report for treatment after long delays extending over hours and even days. They fail to recognize the seriousness of the problem as early as they should. The first 48 hours of the attack are crucial and the most dangerous and could even prove fatal, for the patient. During this period the chances of dangerous complications occurring are the nighest. It is during this period that necrosis of the heart muscle occurs. If treatment were to start early enough this loss of heart muscle can be prevented to a great extent. There are some excellent modes of treatment which are useful only if started within the first four to six hours of the attack. An earliest possible suspicion on the part of the patient or his relatives and the decision to shift him to the hospital immediately cannot be overemphasised.


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